Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bassaball Over...

...for Michigan, anyway.. :-P

But wasn't this possibly one of the best first rounds of the NCAA in recent memory? We had at least two #1 seeds, and one #2 seed, that almost got sent packing...in games that in no way should have been as close as they were, given the great wisdom of the authorities in question. (Yes, Virginia, I'm kidding.)

If these authorities ever get truly wise, the North Carolina schools will have to go on the road once in awhile between the first and second rounds...instead of basically being given home games for the first two rounds, year after year after year. Think about it. When was the last time Duke and/or North Carolina played a first-round game in anywhere but their backyards?

But there's no slanted playing field (in favor of the ACC) in the NCAA. Nope. That's why Big Ten schools got sprinkled all over the map...

Yes, I know Villanova was at home. Yes, that was wonderful. It's also proof that the only conference the NCAA planners like almost as much as the ACC is the Big East. If they can give either of those conferences a gimme the first and even the second rounds, trust me, they'll do it.

Yet despite being plunked somewhere where probably half their fans can't afford to go cheer them on, Purdue is still coming out of the pack as a dark horse; they wouldn't be, of course, to anyone who watched them for more than a quarter of basketball this year. But it probably stuck in the craw of the NCAA selection committee to even concede that the Big Ten was the second-toughest conference in the country this year. Good. A second helping of humble pie for those folks at the North Carolina end of the table, please, and don't hold back on the hot sauce!

Loved the first round, regardless. Turns out sometimes you get more than you ever bargained for...


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