Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And Now, A Brief Commercial…

…for someone other than my day gig. Don’t worry…this isn’t a corporate blog, so I doubt I’ll get in too much trouble. (!)

Just listened to a CD last night called something like “
how a Protestant minister became a Catholic,” featuring Dr. Scott Hahn, former Presbyterian/evangelical pastor and teacher who is now one of the most on-fire Catholics you could ever want around you. I tell you, this guy’s infectious—but even better than that, he knows what he’s talking about, because he’s a gentleman and a scholar…to the point that I’d actually seriously consider studying Biblical theology under this guy. I’m not kidding. He’s that good, that engaging, and that enthusiastic.

The “brief commercial” has to do with where you can pick up a copy of this kind of thing:
Lighthouse Catholic Media. Yeah, it’s not OSV…but then again, we don’t do CDs. We have, of course, done a few of Dr. Hahn’s books, and I have had the pleasure of hearing him in person at our humble abode as well. But I cannot recommend his CDs highly enough.

If you’re a cradle Catholic who feels uncomfortable about your perceived “lack” of Bible knowledge…
If you’re a former Catholic who is feeling the “tug” back to Mother Church but worry about whether you’re going to be led astray from the “real Gospel”…
If you’re a curious Prod who wonders how and why so many of us are so gosh-darned happy to be here…

Listen to Scott Hahn. You’ll get it.

Okay, commercial over. But go to the site.

Go there now. Get a few of his CDs.
I’ll be here when you come back!

More in a bit,


Deb said...

Quote: "one of the most on-fire Catholics you could ever want around you."

Tee hee. That's because of his evangelical background. We may be schismatic Prods, but you can't say some of us are not on fire for Jesus!

For quite a while you used a tag line about Catholicism being a religion of joy. I wondered about that. Of all the Christians I've met, many of the Catholics seemed the most joyless. Of course I've met a few stick-in-the-mud Prods as well, but...

Janny said...


"Tee hee. That's because of his evangelical background..."

It's not.
It's because he knows he's exactly where God wants him to be--which is enough to make anyone joyous.

Interesting that you should bring up my use of the quote about Catholicism being a religion of joy; I used that one deliberately to counteract the common image of Catholics as being joyless, cynical people. Anyone who's a genuine Catholic is on fire for Jesus. Can't be any other way. And that way DOES lie joy.

We have to be careful not to take the sugary, bubbly, "praise the Lord" every other mouthful evangelical Prod as the only way someone can look and act if they're madly in love with Jesus. Being on fire for the Lord CAN look like that...but it can just as equally look like T1 and T2, who bubble excessively very seldom...and for very good reasons. :-)

Wherever its "earthly" source, the fact remains that Dr. Hahn's one of the good guys--one of the REALLY good guys! And I'd be willing to dare just about anybody to spend any time with this guy and not come out thinking way better of the Catholic Church than you ever thought before.


Deb said...

I would dearly love to spend time with this guy. And you--a threesome over tea/coffee/latte? One can dream.

Amazing, some of the stuff I retain. Archbishop Noll's comment was one, because, frankly, some of the least joyful people I've ever met have been the nuns at the hospitals I've worked at. Now, if I had to wear that scratchy white thingy on my head in a Chicago summer, I'd be joyless too.

One can, and should, I believe, judge a person's religious faith by their actions, not what they say they believe. Words, as you recently pointed out while critting a MS of mine, are cheap. Actions cost us. Some of us seem less than willing to ante up.

Kudos to this Christian who isn't afraid to celebrate the risen Lord.

Janny said...

I'll see what I can do to get Dr. Hahn to stop by for coffee. :-) No, really, I will. He's extremely busy, however, to the point where even when I've been editing books that have his name on as author, I actually go through his co-authors with proofs, etc. Guess the guy's too busy for his own good!

Here's to a slurp with Scott...


Donna Alice said...

I loved some of his books --especially "Hail, Holy Queen." I'll have to check out the CD's.

So did I seem like a joyful or joyless Catholic to you two? Just wondering. Depending on my mood of the day, it could go either way. :)