Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It’s All Brian Tracy’s Fault!

Okay, now that ought to get your attention. :-)

The present dissatisfaction levels I’m having with various aspects of my job, my writing (or lack of same), and the remainder of my circumstances, I’ve gone over in laborious detail, in this blog, in conversation, etc. (Some might say ad nauseam, even.) (And I’d agree with you.)

But I’m here to tell you, Amen and Hallelujah!, I’ve had a breakthrough.

In the “old days,” they used to say, “Identifying your problem is half the solution.” (Lucy even quotes something along those lines to Charlie Brown, as I recall.) But our culture has evolved over the last generation or so, yessir, we have. Now, we know there’s a whole ‘nuther level to solving a problem, one that merely “identifying” it doesn’t cover. Merely “identifying” a problem doesn’t “affirm us in our okayness,” as one pundit puts it. It doesn’t bring an “oh, good, it’s nothing I really did wrong” feeling to us all; it doesn’t give us warm fuzzies of emotional “all rightness”…and that’s why mere “identification” or “labeling” of a problem only gets half the picture for us.

The other half—the far more important half, as we’ve all come to know in recent times—is who’s to blame?
Let’s face it. We all know that nowadays, you can’t even begin to get to the heart of a problem by merely identifying it. You can’t even solve it by “owning” it, by “claiming” it, by “looking it in the eye” or “taking it by the horns” or…well, insert whatever catch phrase (read: cliché) you want here. Nope, boys and girls. That’s not gonna do the trick.

You can’t really deal with anything in our present day—get closure, if you will—until you know who you can point the finger at and say, “I wouldn’t have this problem if it wasn’t for YOU!”

Well, I now know who I can point the finger at for my present malaise.
And I feel so much better knowing that, I’m about ready to go on Oprah and jump up and down on her couch. I’m not as cute to look at when I do those things as Tom Cruise is when he does them, but hey, that’s not my problem.

Brian Tracy
did this to me.
Hallelujah! I finally know who’s to blame for this—and that
it’s not my fault!
Do you realize what a terrific breakthrough this is for me?

I’ll have some more specifics in Part II…to come shortly. Once I remove the tongue from my own cheek, I’ll be able to explain much better anyway.
In the meantime, if you’re tired of me whining…blame Brian.

It's okay. He can take it.



Deb said...

I'll be more than happy to blame Brian Tracy -- if I knew who the Great Horking Heaven he was.

Regardless, I believe my current writing-ennui is his fault as well.

Donna Alice said...

Oh, good, Deb--I thought I was totally out of it! I don't know who Brian Tracy is either. Now if you'd said Joel Osteen, The Chicken Soup guys, or someone I do know, I'd have understood right away. But, I'm going to have to google Brian Tracy---and I'm sure if he's to blame, I believe you! LOL!

Wonder if I can blame him for the two days I spent looking for the booklet that belongs to the Rollar Coaster game we borrowed from the library--only to find that once I looked at the CASE with my glasses OFF, it said the booklet went missing before we took it out of the library. I'm sure whomever he is---he had something to do with it.

And I'd say if you entered the Golden Heart for 10 years that is persistence!! I quit after two years.