Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Won't Hear This in the Mainstream Media...

...and I normally don't indulge much in politics on this blog, but this information was way too good not to pass along... ...and this is definitely too important not to. I've promised myself I wouldn't get into blogging extensively on political stuff; in fact, I am trying not to spend too much time even reading about it. But with all the “happy noise” surrounding the candidates this year, someone has to say something clear once in awhile. American Thinker is the place where this happens. Bookmark it. But don’t stop there. Ask yourself why, if the mainstream media are lying about this story—and yes, they are lying to us by omission in failing to give this the sort of headlines it deserves—why you should continue to trust anything CNN, the New York (Treason) Times, or the like inform you about anything anymore. You may even be moved enough to pick up the phone, e-mail, or write them and ask that question. I hope you do. A little feet-to-the-fire thing would be good for all these “journalists.” While you’re at it, you might want to also ask them when the apologies and retractions are forthcoming for the five-year smear campaign they’ve waged against the President for “starting a war that was one man's idea.” The war may well have been one man's idea...but that man wasn’t Bush. They had the wrong villain. They always have—and many of them have known it all along. Heck, anyone with a viable synaptic connection firing in their brain has known that all along. But people got screamed at enough times with a Big Lie that, apparently, many of them checked their common sense at the TV remote buttons. That has certainly been the case with the (dis) Honorable Sen. Obama, whom many people seem to regard as a cross between a Messiah and a rock star—a persona largely built on a tissue of lies. See a recurring theme here? Of course, one set of lies is overwhelmingly negative, and one is overwhelmingly positive...from an “objective” media. Sound odd to you, does it? Ask about that, too. but don't hold your breath waiting for an answer. The public “sheep factor” can be understood, if not excused, in one sense: mainstream media won’t show you anything but the documentation and carefully edited sound bites that support the point of view they wish you to have—no matter how egregious the falsehoods contained therein, nor the mountain of legitimate evidence to the contrary. Under that relentless pressure (boys and girls, can you spell brainwashing?), sometimes it’s easy to forget that you still have a firing synaptic connection or two of your own left. The mainstream media hope you’ll continue to forget that. Don’t.


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