Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Tis Better to Make An Unsuccessful Run than Not to Try At All

Just got the (not entirely unexpected) news that my man for the GOP Presidential Race, Fred Thompson, has graciously bowed out. As a “Fredhead” from way back last summer, I’m disappointed...I’m a little disheartened...but I’m proud of Fred for making a run at ‘em. Perhaps he’ll try again in 2012! THANKS, FRED, FOR BEING A STAND-UP GUY! It was truly exhilarating to have the feeling, however short, that we had a fresh voice in the political races. Some say he may be selected as a VP. That wouldn’t be all bad, either. Whatever we do, the important thing is to keep Shrillary from having a second go at the White House china. Eight years with the Clintons nearly ruined this country. God help us all if we’re stupid enough to allow THAT to happen again. Thoughts? Janny

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Deb said...

I'm sorry not to have the chance to hear more of what Fred has to say. I think several of these candidates are good people, and unfortunately some of them are gonna fold before the Illinois primary. I don't know yet whom I'll support, but I'd dearly love to vote for someone who doesn't feel "I want this" and "It's all about me."

Duh. It's US, America, upid. This is not about you.

T2, member of the Anybody But Hillary Party