Monday, November 19, 2007

Anybody Here Remember How to Play This Game?

After watching Michigan play possibly the worst football game I’ve seen them play, maybe ever—and that includes some pretty dismal Rose Bowl performances—and watching the Bears squander away a 10-point lead and all the momentum in the world—I can only surmise that this team would have made a better showing on the field than the two of them put together. I didn't want to think this...but I kept wondering during the Wolverines' fiasco if it didn't dawn on them that if they won, they'd go to the Rose Bowl—where they have been embarrassed way too often of late—and subconsciously, they were saying to themselves, “Oh-oh. Whoa. Don’t wanna do that again.” But surely a team wouldn’t really be thinking that way. Would they? Now that the dust has cleared, the Lloyd Carr era will be over soon, not because he’s going to get fired—but because he’s retiring. At least that’s the account for public consumption. I wonder in my heart of hearts if it wasn’t a matter of “Retire or get fired, Lloyd.” And that man doesn’t deserve the rap people have saddled him with, especially as concerns Ohio State. Face it. The coach doesn’t get on the field and drop passes. 'Nuff said. Now, on the other hand, how much longer will it take for Da Bears to ask Rexie to retire as well…? But the good news is? The office is put back together!!!! GO DRISCOLL!!!!! More later, Janny

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Deb said...

Oh, your post makes me want to weep, just like the rest of us fannish types in Chi-town this day.

What I wanna know is: they pay Rex all this money, and he comes back off the bench, and throws the ball really well for a quarter and a half...and then he goes and does this, "Oh, hold on a sec...these are the BEARS, and I've got a Good Rex persona and a Bad Rex persona! Why am I connecting on all these passes? Why am I not out there throwing interceptions and getting sacked?"

Then the second half began, and as I say, I began to weep. Who was he passing to? He stinks, and the Bears stank therewith.