Wednesday, May 16, 2007


...the best way to express what happened between the Bulls and Pistons last night. WOW! for the Bulls' shooting 72 percent during the first half. :-) WOW! for the take-charge attitude by every Bull on the floor. ("Go ahead, call fouls on us...there are plenty more scorers where Ben Gordon and Luol Deng come from.") WOW! for the way the Bulls took off and never looked back. THAT's Bulls basketball as I love it. but mostly... WOW! for the way this Little Team That Could walked into The Palace and took first the Pistons and then their crowd out of the game...literally. With a little over six minutes left to go in the ball game, people started for the exits so fast you could have sworn the Palace had just been lifted at one end and shaken. They couldn't have left any faster if they'd been ordered to evacuate. And THAT is always a pleasant sight to see. Especially in Detroit. Here's to going into the United Center on Thursday night and playing Bulls basketball, once again, the way it should be played. And then, go back to Auburn Hills and make history. WOW! Janny

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