Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's a Yawner!

Okay, with apologies to all the Florida fans out there... The best two things about the NCAA tournament: 1) It's over, and 2) Ohio State didn't win it all. As far as the rest goes, does anybody really doubt that Ohio State and Florida were carefully orchestrated to get to that final game? And isn't that the saddest part of this all? Actually, I don't know too much about how Florida got to the championship round. This may have been one of those rare cases where a team really was good enough and deserving enough to get to the NCAA championship; an instance where they didn't get there because of free gifts from refs, virtual home-court games (like the fabled West regionals which--surprise!--end up with the California teams in, and the fabled East regionals that--surprise again!--end up with some variations of the Carolinas), or matchups so one-sided as to be laughable. If so, more power to them. The same cannot be said for Ohio State. But, hey, when the powers that be saw that we could have the possibility of a rematch of the mythical football championship game on the basketball court, and draw all those fans wanting either a sweep or redemption...they did what it took to make it so. In the football arena, Florida got there by smoke and mirrors. The fact that they chewed up Ohio State has less to do with how strong a team they were than how strong a team Ohio State thought it was. In the basketball arena, it was Ohio State's turn for the smoke and mirrors. Enough said. Last year's NCAA will live in fond memory, at least in the middle rounds, for the fabulous show George Mason put on. And the Bradley Braves in the Sweet 16. How refreshing is it to see teams in these ranks who don't "expect" to be there? Who don't consider it their God-given birthright to win everything, and are therefore beside themselves in sheer joy? Do we have memories like that of this tourney? VCU's win over Duke, certainly. But do we have any others? Unfortunately, I can't think of too many. But then, I stopped watching after the fix was so firmly in against Xavier. When I heard the Salukis had been robbed blind in their game... ...well, I was kinda glad I stopped. The best we can hope for is that next year's tournament is more like 2006 than 2007. And that's what sports fans are all about...hope. So it's always a possibility. In the meantime, the only "pool" left is still open, and that's betting on how many days it'll take before we have a news story about some Florida player in trouble with the law. You know it'll happen. It's just a matter of when that shoe drops. Baseball, anyone?

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Deb said...

What!? The Writer Chick indulging in conspiracy theories? In SPORTS??

I TOLD you you were watching too much sports. 'Til opening day of football season (only 5.3 months!), it's time for you to go into sports-hiatus.

Better still, IMO it's time you wrote something fictional, a socks-knocker. You can do it. I know.