Monday, March 19, 2007

Just a Note for Those of You Who Care...

Okay, now you know this blog is generally not known for humility (!), but I probably should put in a few disclaimers if nothing else vis-à-vis that last blog: 1. My assessment of postgame words on the part of Coach K was based on secondhand information—i.e., I didn’t see or hear him say those words myself. I didn’t hear the whole speech. But I did hear him quoted on a sports station, and that sentence about “You do this long enough, you’re gonna lose now and then” was all they mentioned. They didn’t mention it was in context of Coach K congratulating VCU…they implied that was his only comment. So if you’re a Coach K fan and you think I “done him wrong,” there’s a lot more people you need to take to task as well, for painting a picture of him that may be in error. I’m just glad Duke’s not still dancing. :-) 2. My assessment of Oden’s postgame words came straight from an AOL story almost immediately after the game. So if you are an Oden fan and think I “done him wrong” too, take it up with AOL—I couldn’t stand to leave the TV on long enough to hear that Neanderthal speak for himself. More later on an actual writing subject! Janny

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