Sunday, March 18, 2007

An Award Probably Nobody Covets....

I know no one’s been waiting for these with bated breath, but…here they are. My picks for Sports Schmucks of the week, in no particular order. 1. The University of Michigan, for firing Tommy Amaker. It was no secret that when the team didn’t make a good showing in the conference, the conference tournament, or the NIT, that Tommy’s job was probably out the door. But it’s still a shame, because firing him isn’t going to fix what was wrong with the Wolverines this year. Tommy didn’t go out there and turn the ball over 15+ times per game (or half, in some of the more forgettable episodes). Firing Tommy Amaker because the Wolverines have missed the last 10 NCAA tournaments is penalizing a guy for the bad choices and coaching others did before him. He didn’t even have a chance to establish a recruiting class of his own on the court; he was coaching with other people’s recruits. Four years to “turn things around” is a joke. It’s probably no accident that most jocks don’t graduate at the tops of their classes; neither did the guys managing the front offices, apparently. (Or at least Logic 203 wasn’t one of their electives?) 2. Duke’s Coach K, for proving once and for all to the world what a jerk he truly is. Postgame comments after VCU sent Duke home from a tournament they shouldn’t have been in in the first place? “You play in enough first-round games, you’re liable to lose a few.” Notice there’s no congratulations for VCU in there. Not even a shred of sportsmanship. Not a nod to what was clearly the better team. In fact, if you read the comment one way, it sounds more like Coach is in effect saying, “Hey, we coulda beat you, we just decided not to this year.” But Duke’s so used to the NCAA “road to the” Final Four being little more than them showing up—the refs will usually take care of the rest—that this maybe left Coach K at a loss for words? Probably. Surely it couldn’t be because he really doesn’t have any time for anyone but his own team? Surely it couldn’t be because he truly is the egotistical self-absorbed snot he’s rumored to be? Makes me sad he supposedly came from Chicago. 3. And, of course…Greg Oden. And the gutless officials at that game. And the gutless announcers calling it. Lucky you, you all get to SHARE this one. That intentional, cheap, dirty foul wasn’t enough for him to do. You know—the foul that the officials chose to call in such a way that it took the game away from Xavier? The one you mysteriously saw no replays on on CBS? Yeah, that one. Something that had it happened the other way around, they would have been all over like glue on a stamp. It would have been THE headline and THE dirty play of the year, eclipsing even the North Carolina fiasco. Funny how it wasn’t. Oh, yeah, sure, Oden fouled out. Hey, after committing 8 fouls and finally getting called for a 5th, he should have been. (He should have been fouled out about 2 minutes into the third quarter, as he should in most games, but that ain’t gonna happen with a STAR, so we’ll take what we can get.) But what he should have been, in addition to out of that game, was called for the flagrant foul, the intent to hurt someone, and suspended for the next game Ohio State plays. And that next game should have been next fall. Not next week. But even all of that wouldn’t be so painful if this brilliant thug hadn’t then chosen to say what he did after the game, words to the effect that “…they were calling so many bull crap fouls for the game I figured if I was going to foul someone, I may as well make it good.” Note to Coach Motta: every coach in the league knows it’s chancy to let a freshman take a microphone at all, let alone on national television. Why don’t you? But then, again, every coach in the league would have been in his freshman player’s face after that thuglike behavior on the court, and that kid would be running laps, not talking to the press. Or don’t you know that, either? Schmucks, all of ‘em. Makes you all the more eager for baseball opening day. Janny, who needs to go wash her hands

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Now, see, this just proves you been watchin way too much bassaball. Go do something sweet & domestical.

Or better still, write some fiction.