Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What if they gave a championship and nobody came?

...because that's about what happened. It's almost eerie. Here, Florida has come out of nowhere, become the first NCAA Division I school to reign as national champion in both basketball and football...and it's lucky if it gets a passing mention on the sports news. I saw almost literally nothing on AOL's "Today" newsbits. My daughter reports that she saw nothing on Yahoo. It's like this huge upset didn't even happen. And that has got to hack off Florida fans big time, because it's a puzzle to the rest of us as well. I know if it was Michigan that pulled this off, and no one was paying any attention...well, they probably wouldn't get away with it around me. :-) So you have to wonder how big of a flop this BCS game really was, to anybody who wasn't an actual fan of one team or another. Could this silence be partly due to so many people not believing the BCS standings to begin with? Could it have come about because of the controversy (which won't go away, by the way) about who gets IN and who gets shut OUT of BCS consideration? Probably. I figure at least a little of that enters into the picture. As I said to my daughter, "There are two words that describe why this isn't the sports headline of the week, plastered all over everywhere." And she said, "Which two words are that?" To which I said, of course, "Boise State." As for how a team that's undefeated, the only undefeated team in the nation, can be #5 in the AP poll and #5 in the BCS while all the teams ahead of it lost, sometimes in inglorious fashion, at least once... We won't go there. But after this year, I suspect, we may not need to go there anymore. Because if anyone proved it deserved to play with the big boys at last, it wasn't Florida. It was Boise State. Go Broncos!* *(as a Driscoll Catholic fan, it's almost impossible for me to say that very loud, for reasons that any Driscoll Catholic fan will know.) Time for basketball... Janny

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