Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Are You Ready for Some Football?

You know, it probably is time to start thinking football after all. :-) And while I'm not packing for Miami yet, it is going to be so fun to watch da Bears in an NFC Championship game again. (Who woulda thunk it?) (Answer: us.) With my Michigan Wolverines doing not-so-good in the Big Ten, and dem Blue Demons sort of so-so in the Big East, I don't have *too* many basketball distractions. Except, of course, for my Bulls.... Thanks to my friend the Termagant, at any rate, for bringing some enjoyable images to mind! More on the actual stuff of *writing* later.... Janny


Termagant 2 said...

My friend, you need to (temporarily) purge your mind of all non-football sports-type distractions, and concentrate on Rex G throwing the football at the right speed, the right angle, to the right person.

Image this, and all will be well, and all manner of thing will be well.


Termagant 2 said...

Rex threw well, the defense did a bit of alright, and it's a Bears/ Colts Super Bowl.

Hey, didn't I predict this? I shoulda written it down.

T2, loading up on chips and guacamole for the big game