Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vindication...and Rejection (sigh)

First, the vindication: ESPN 1380 out of Warsaw, Indiana...afternoon drive time show host, Eric something--sorry, first time I heard your name, buddy, so I don't have it committed to memory yet--came out with the best rant on the BCS fiasco that I've heard so far. He's point blank said, "Those of you who voted Florida in because you were voting for Anyone But Michigan...you have just fixed college football, and you ought to have your votes taken away from you." AMEN! Preach it, brother! :-) Kudos also to the USA-Today sports writer who said that BCS could just as well stand for "Baloney Cheese Sandwich" for all the effectiveness and success it's had over the years in really giving us the right "championship" game. And as he put it, no year proves that BCS is a failure as thoroughly as this one does. AMEN again! So for those of you who are saying, "All right, Michigan fans, grow up and take your medicine and quit griping," be aware of one thing: it's not just Michigan fans who are upset about this. Far, FAR from it. Out of the potential audience for this big game, probably half of them are fighting, hissing, spitting mad, and they're not even Michigan fans under normal circumstances. But, as one complete stranger said to my daughter at school yesterday after seeing her Michigan sweatshirt, "Geez, I'm so sorry this had to happen to you guys. You got totally screwed." (Note: he used a much stronger word for what happened, but my daughter doesn't say that language normally in front of Mom, bless her heart.) Lost amid this are the Florida faithful bragging about how they're going to put Ohio State away, how dare we underestimate them, how dare we disrespect them, etc. Lost, fortunately, that is. We have a hundred reasons to disrespect Florida, but in the end, it was the coaches we have to disrespect. These men voted, disgracefully enough, on the side of the man who "campaigned" for a team that's a 7-point underdog to Michigan, and one the Ohio faithful WANTED to play because they figure they have a much better chance of beating than they do the Wolverines on a neutral field. As the man on ESPN put it, "Any time you vote in a way that's designed to keep one team OFF the field...you're fixing the game. That's what the definition of a 'fix' is. Rigging the results any way you have to, just so you get the outcome you want." Amen, and amen. Just watch the Rose Bowl and boycott the other one. When the audience numbers go down and the vast CLICK sound is heard from people switching off their TVs, that'll speak the language these people understand. Maybe nothing else will.
Now, unfortunately...back to the writing aspect of this blog. Unfortunately because I received an e-mail rejection yesterday from Bethany House, citing a plot they considered "convoluted." So it's back to the drawing board, essentially, with the book of my heart, because I really, really DID think that this book would be an excellent match for Bethany. Apparently, though, the Lord thinks differently. Time to figure out where else to pitch this puppy. Or, maybe, just let an agent do it...as I still have to get the final word yea or nay from my #1 choice agent in New York, who's still looking at it. Actually, considering it's been two and a half months :-), it's not a matter of them being incredibly slow readers (!)...it's just that they're swamped, as agencies usually are, and they probably have a stack of things to read ahead of mine. Which doesn't make the waiting any easier, but at least leaves me one last hopeful note out there. Hey, I haven't been rejected by them....YET. More later, gotta go do the day job! Janny


Donna Alice said...

Rejections---worst word ever. And what do they mean by "convoluted?"
Waiting is the awfulest part about writing. The second worst part is still believing in a project AFTER those rejections keep coming in. One of my books is still making the rounds after 10 years! Another I took two years to write, sent out, waited a year and it was accepted. Just finished the revisions and now I'm waiting to hear if there will be more.

Guess no news is good news to a writer---no rejections in the mail means a tad of hope is left.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

I have no idea what they mean by "convoluted," but don't simplify it too much (if you are making revisions). I like plots that make you think. My favourite recent movies have been "The Illusionist" and "Holes" for the very simple reason that there is a lot in the plot - so many mysteries, connections, ties to other things. Everything in them means something. Just as long as the reader/viewer doesn't get lost, of course. But many other books are a bit boring because the plot is too predictable (one reason I don't read many romances and haven't in years).