Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Latest Reads

Of course, simply because it's the busiest season of the year doesn't mean we stop reading new books. :-) If anything, we read a little MORE in this time of year, since one needs a nice wind-down after running around like a crazed person all day and/or inhaling flour, cocoa, and sugar in generous amounts. So, here's the latest list: --THE PEARL by Angela Hunt, is tough going on some levels, totally absorbing, not touchy-feely by any stretch of the imagination. Great book, though. If you've never seriously considered all the ramifications of human cloning, this one lays out some eye-opening potentialities...and, IMHO, leaves no doubt as to how bad an idea that is. --MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE, one of four delightful stories in an ooooold Regency Christmas novella collection. Just as I haul out certain movies and rewatch them over Christmas, certain books get the same treatment. This is one of them. If you get a chance to pick up a used copy of this book (I believe it's called A Regency Christmas Carol), do so, just for Carla Kelly's wonderful story. Heartwarming, funny, spirited, and pure joy. Reminds me to go look up that woman and see what else she's written! --SHEPHERDS ABIDING, the wonderful Christmas book by Jan Karon, has been taken out during the last three Advents and savored. If you've never been to Mitford, don't wait another minute to go there....start with AT HOME IN MITFORD and don't stop! --THE CHRISTMAS THIEF, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, was in my Christmas present collection, and so I dove right into it. My take? Not bad, but not great, either. Rather predictable, rather pedestrian, for MHC fans. I agree with those who opine that Mary/Carol's partnerships are weaker than their individual efforts are. At least in MHC's case, that's true. I have never read Carol Higgins Clark--I find it hard to stomach picking up a book by someone so transparently exploitive of her mother's name. (We should all have that foot in publication's door.) But after reading pretty much everything Mom has ever written, I suspect which parts of the book are Carol's...and they're all elements that weaken it. My Christmas wish? That Mary would quit playing with her kids on these things and just do it herself. (!) Still to come, CROSS by James Patterson. I read one Alex Cross book and I'm hooked; I almost feel like I should read all the other Alex Cross novels before I get to this one (!), but I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold out that long! Not for the faint of heart, but nobody can wrap a story around you like Patterson, so this is one of those things to savor like fine chocolate. The only wish I usually have when reading either MHC or Patterson is that I didn't read so I could make the books last longer! The only solution? Find some more wonderful authors like Hunt, Higgins Clark, Patterson, and Karon, and build an even more absorbing reading list. Heaven knows I need some more to have on TBR pile is done. (aaaaaah!) Any new authors looming in your TBR pile for the New Year? Paging along, Janny

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Donna Alice said...

My Christmas reading list included a Cape Light novel by Thomas Kincaid--The Christmas ????---okay, so I forgot the title! But, it was a nice, pleasant read and I'm going to look for others in the series.
I also happened on a paperback called, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Can't tell you the author or publisher (although I don't think it ever made it into hardback) but, it's a western and it has a Pinkerton agent in it. I'm a real pushover for well written western and Pinkerton men. (My Grandpa was a Pinkerton detective.)
My TBR pile is towering and I'm sure I dont' need any MORE authors to search out---but books are addictive.