Friday, December 15, 2006


My apologies for not posting here for awhile, but I'm into preparations for Christmas now, and that's a special kind of delicious madness. :-) And, yes, they're preparations for Christmas, not for "the holidays" or for "the season" or for any other nonsense. Jesus is the Reason, this is His Season, and it's time we stopped apologizing for that and just wished people what we all wish for them...which is more of Him and less of all the other stuff. Of course, the last time I wished people a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, on a secular writers' board, I was pretty much crucified for it. Not, curiously enough, so much because I spoke the plain truth about Jesus...but because my sig line included a wonderful quote from a wonderful Catholic priest who just happens to be the founder of the company I work for. I had been using that sig as my normal signature line for e-mails, didn't think a thing of it...but, boy, all I had to do was mention the Catholic Church and I got this one guy's dander up big time. He couldn't WAIT to lambaste me for belonging to such a horrific organization. Seems we're responsible for everything from mass murders (the Crusades, doncha know) to sexual improprieties and coverups and despicable politics (never mind the Democratic Party gives out chairmanships and presidencies for that stuff)....and on down the line. In short, people, there is NOTHING worthwhile about the Catholic Church, and the sooner it falls, the better. If we don't get this program, we're just not paying attention. Well, this guy doesn't normally pay attention to anything that doesn't already agree with him, so it was a lead-pipe cinch that he was having none of the facts involved in the Crusades (that they were not imperialist aggression or looting, but a self-defense measure taken in desperation after hundreds of years of harassment by those "enlightened" Muslims in the Holy Land)...or of anything else pertaining to the Church. And he was definitely insulted that I refused to apologize for "imposing" this horrible Catholic quote on them all. Funny thing was, he didn't take issue with the Jesus mention...another poster did that, talking about how "dangerous" I was. I thanked him for the high compliment, which only confused and dismayed him. And it started a series of posts by the previous ranter who continued to bitch, moan, and blast faith in general, long after I had blessed them all and said "let's move on." He even continued to do it long after the list moderator had said "let's move on." So obviously, and clearly, I had hit a nerve, disturbed his conscience, and made him feel compelled to "enlighten" and "educate" me....whether I needed his kind of education or not. Which I didn't, and don't. But this brings up another interesting point to the season. And that's that thank heaven, we're still free to say these things out loud, whether they get people riled up or not. And that more doesn't matter whether you choose to believe God or not. The fact is, I still know the future, and He still wins. Doesn't change a thing whether you believe it. Doesn't change a thing if you rail, rant, or rave against His Church. Doesn't matter. Because in the end... all comes down to what you do with Him. Not the people who run His Church. Not the people you know who are "hypocrites." Not any of it. When we get to that last judgment, I think God's going to look at us kindly, pause for a moment, and then ask one question: "What did you do with My Son?" And then, all the intellectual, enlightened, progressive arguments in the world ain't gonna matter a whit. All that's going to matter is what you did with Jesus. Himself. Not the people who claim to belong to him. Not the politics of the Church. Not any of it, but Him. I hope that God will look upon my efforts to talk about Him, in this and other instances, kindly. I hope that He will recognize my intentions, honor my refusal to apologize for invoking His name, and enjoy my enjoyment of pricking those consciences that may need pricking. I don't want it to be about me...but if I am the means of someone having it be about Him, what better use can I make of Advent--or of any other season? So may Jesus, the Reason for the Season, let you know He rejoices in you. And may you be courageous in returning the favor in a world that could sorely use Light in its darkness. Happy Advent...and THINK SNOW!!!!!! Blessings, Janny


Donna Alice said...

Amen! Very well said. It always amazes me that so many people can say anything they want, but if you put the word, "Catholic" in there you are suddenly weird or dangerous.

I kind of like what one priest said to a protestant brother, "Well, where do you think you got the BIBLE?" If it weren't for the Catholic church preserving it, no one would have the Word of God.

Happy Advent to you too.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Janny - keep hitting nerves! :) I agree; you can talk about any hot topic you want, but if you're going to talk about faith, someone is going to label and attack you. And the sad thing is, people can't see past human mistakes to the God Who is perfect. Because they have met a few Christians or Catholics who aren't perfect in their faith, they write off the whole church and God as well. May we keep reaching out to them so that they can see past us to the God Who is trying to love them.

The Sheepcat said...

Good on you, Janny.
Just dropped by thanks to a writer who recommended your blog (she herself is Mennonite).

Janny said...

I really love that I'm getting Mennonite readers. Next, the Jewish contingent? I can't wait!

Love it!