Monday, December 04, 2006

#1 versus....#4. Yeah, now there's the BCS at its finest

Okay, I know I can catch a whole bunch of obnoxious comments for this, but so be it. The fact remains, there's NO way Michigan should not be playing in the National Championship game against Ohio State. Oh, yeah, right. Florida had a tougher schedule. By a few thousandths of a percentage point? And how is that computed again, exactly? Oh, by computer. The same computer that came out with Florida and Michigan tied for #2 in the nation? THAT one? Oh, okay. Yeah. I understand. Makes perfect sense then, that Florida should automatically get the bid and Michigan not get it. NOT. Yeah, okay. Florida won their conference, and Michigan didn't. Of course, Florida didn't have to play the #1 team in the nation and knock them off in order to WIN that conference, which Michigan would have had to do. So let me get this straight. In order to earn the right to play in the National Championship game to prove that they are really #1, Michigan would have had to in effect BE #1 already by knocking off the #1 team in the nation so they could win their conference title in the "mediocre" Big Ten. Yeah, that Big Ten. The one that's sending, what, six teams to bowl games? Yeah. That mediocre conference. Yeah, THAT makes sense too. NOT. I will say this just once. If Florida's conference had been the one with the #1 team in the nation atop it, not a SOUL would hold against them that they didn't win a conference title. Not a soul. It wouldn't happen. Because, you see, boys and girls, the SEC is still the best conference in the country. Didn't you know that? If you don't happen to believe it, by the way, you must be from one of those other also-ran conferences and you just don't know football. The PAC-10? Pretenders. The Big Ten? Mediocre. Nah. Never mind that the top two teams in the nation came either from the Big Ten and the Pac-10, or the Big Ten alone. Or that a team from the Big Ten who never even got considered for a national championship game, Wisconsin, also had only one loss. None of any of this matters, because the gospel of college football is that if a Florida team isn't in a major national spotlight bowl game, then the BCS's job is to do whatever it takes to rectify that situation. And what precisely did Florida have to do to climb not one step in the standings, but TWO? Knock off Arkansas. A team that's never been in the top three all year, much less either #1 or #2. Yeah, that proves them to ME. The only thing that kept Michigan out of the National Championship game wasn't losing to Ohio was the coaches' polls. Yeah, the same coaches who never ranked Florida higher than #4 ALL YEAR somehow woke up on Sunday morning and said, "Wait! That team is fabulous! My God, they beat ARKANSAS! That must mean they deserve to play for a National Championship! Let's vote!" So they've got what they want. They've got in effect, a #1 vs. #4--or, if you want to be charitable, #1 vs. #3--game. They've got the national vehicle that will propel Troy Smith right into the Heisman without a prayer for anyone else, and they've restored order to the universe and made sure that an overrated team from the state of Florida has the fun of basking in a national spotlight yet again. Brilliant work, coaches. Brilliant work, pollsters. Prediction: Ohio State 44, Florida 3. Fortunately, there'll be a real barnburner national-championship-caliber football game played earlier than this artificial fiasco. It's called the Rose Bowl. And it'll be a doozy. Watch that one, and skip the other. You'll thank me later. Janny

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