Sunday, October 15, 2006

Renew your spirit day!

Those of you who are familiar with FLYlady in all her glory are familiar with the phrase above, but it's worth reminding ourselves every once in awhile that Sunday is supposed to be meant as a day of rest. Rest. Remember that? That's when we STOP our commerce, our "cult of the busy," and spend some time reflecting. Maybe reading the Bible. Maybe even, shock of shocks, going to church. (I know, I know. But this is a Catholic blog, right? Deal with it.) :-)
All seriousness aside, how do you renew your spirit?
I've been taking some time to seriously examine (and yes, I know that's a split infinitive) the ways I spend my computer time versus the rest of my life (otherwise known as Reality versus Virtuality). Seeing as how I'm at a computer for my full time job in addition to being at one when I'm at home, I have to guard carefully that my life does not become that little screen in front of to that little keyboard that accesses that little screen. And I think it's worth remembering, especially on the Sabbath

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Donna Alice said...

How true! How easy it is to get to where we depend on being 'plugged in' to the computer. Maybe a good Advent sacrifice would be to take some time off from the PC and spend it with God or our families.