Friday, September 01, 2006

More summer reading...

And the reading just keeps on comin'.... Latest reads: THE DEBT by Angela Hunt; after my thorough enjoyment of THE JUSTICE (what an awesome book!) and THE AWAKENING (if anything even more awesome), I couldn't resist going into that murky area well-known as the Back List. (mwah hah haaaah)

THE DEBT isn't bad; it was a real page-turner for me, and she had me, until the last couple of chapters of the book. I won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't read it and still wants the pleasure, but the ending didn't work for me. It seemed...a little too pat. As if she was perking along and suddenly discovered she had a page count to get in under, and so (poof!) the story takes a turn. It's a logical turn in one sense...but to me the book could have been so much more than it turned out to be in the end. Not bad, but not necessarily something I'd buy and keep.

One of the other books on said backlist, I have no interest in: it centers around the Peruvian jungle/rain forest, among other things, and there are very few places on earth I want to spend time in LESS than a tropical rain forest or jungle. So for now, that one's a pass. The other was nonfiction, dealing with a chimp and communication...and that's about the second least favorite interest of mine. (Could never understand, and still can't understand, the fascination so many people have with monkeys and chimps and such. My husband even likes 'em and thinks they're cute. Not me.) So I took a pass on those. Tried to read THE NOVELIST...didn't like it. Set it aside. Which only proves that no one hits a home run every time. (sigh)

Am presently embroiled in James Patterson's THE BEACH HOUSE. No, not inspy fiction, definitely. But suspense? Holy smoke. For years, some of my friends have told me I would love James Patterson. So far, they're right. I may not read everything on his back list, either...but I certainly am enjoying this book to the hilt. (You know when a book is really good--you enjoy your job, but you're reading on your lunch hour and you don't want to go back to work.)  

The other side to the coin is, of course, because I'm supposed to be a Catholic WRITER Chick, I am pushing super hard at this point to pitch the book of my heart. I've been pitching agents like crazy...three requests for partials, two rejects, three submissions with no responses yet. (Not's only been a couple of months, and these are for the most part high powered agents at high powered agencies. I'm trying to go for the cream.) Just pitched an editor I think will be a lovely match for my voice, style, and we just have to see if God's got him in mind for me as well. Time will tell on that one...if I can be patient long enough!

And then I need to finish one traditional romance that's in pieces, one romantic suspense that needs heavy duty work (we're talking major surgery here, folks)...and I still have to sell that @#)%#@&^%$ Golden Heart Book!'s after 9:30 here, and time for us munchkins to retire to finish our bedtime reading.

Recommendations, anyone?

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