Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So what are you reading lately?

Just when you think you're about to run out of good authors, I've discovered Angela Hunt.

No, not Catholic per se...Christian fiction with a real edge. So far, so good. I read her THE AWAKENING and flat out couldn't put it down.

Other books that have been outstanding: WAITING FOR SUMMER'S RETURN, Kim Vogel Sawyer; A SOUNDING BRASS, Shelley Bates; and JACK AND JILL, by James Patterson (the first Patterson book I've read, after many, many people telling me I should!)....

So what is everybody reading this summer/fall?


Judy Grivas said...

Hi, Janny!
I just finished reading The Reluctant Burglar (to review) and it was really my cup of tea: suspense, intrigue, and with a smattering of romance thrown in the mix.
Judy Grivas (ACFW member and a cradle Catholic)
PS...I've saved your blog to read through at my leisure...

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Angela Elwell Hunt is a great author - I'm just now rereading her book Roanoke and completely enjoying it. I have to check out some of her more recent fiction. You might also enjoy The Immortal - a neat twist to the story of the wandering Jew.